Brave Review: Not Brave Enough to Go Beyond Disney Formula

The animation is detailed thanks to Pixar. The rest of the movie, however, doesn’t benefit from the studio’s unique and emotional storytelling.

This movie, misguidedly titled Brave, limits the supposed action-adventure of the heroine into a mother-daughter drama. There isn’t anything wrong with having a mother-daughter story. The problem is that here, it’s too convenient and contrived to make any emotional impact.

While Merida’s story doesn’t revolve around a Prince and the animation is from Pixar, Brave’s story is Disneyfied. The movie follows the predictable beats of the self-discovery of a protagonist with an animal companion.

The movie has interesting themes about agency, independence, and individuality, but it’s sadly too formulaic to be compelling.

Mothers and their 10-year-old (and below) daughters will enjoy the detailed animation and predictable story. But it’s not going to make a lasting impression.



Brave is a Pixar animated but mediocre Disney story that's not as brave as its title suggests.

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