Movie Review: Contagion (2011)

Contagion has a realistic plot will not only make you wary of anyone who coughs within 5 feet, but also shows you the effect of a lethal virus on a global scale.

It’s not about some misfit scientist who ends up saving the world by accident. Protocols create red tape, it will take months before human trials, and who gets to have it first?

People change with a flick of a coin. Disasters just don’t cause panic, but also give rise to greed. The biggest threat is not always the next storm, it may be just around the corner from an elevator button.

Along with the movie’s great cinematography, all of this turns into a tense scary pandemic that’s uncomfortably plausible.

Contagion does build up as a nice thriller, but it’s too clinical. It doesn’t really care much about its characters, nor give you any reason to care about them. They’re more like unprepared witnesses to a global event that they can’t wait to blow over. The A-list cast does a good job though, and Kate Winslet stood out.

In spite of this, Contagion remains to be a scary horror movie that hits too close to home because of how real it could be.



Even though Contagion is too clinical, it proves to be an effective disaster movie enough to give rise to your inner germophobe.

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