Movie Review: Deadpool

After spending over a decade in development limbo, Deadpool finally gets an adaptation just in time to cleanse your palate from all the Marvel formulated superhero movies and boost the flailing acting career of Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play this character. His sardonic humor and comedic timing is a perfect match for the merc with a mouth. The comic book character himself said that he’s a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a Shar-Pei in a volume way before X-men Origins.

Deadpool commits to an R rating. Fans would be happy to know that they’re in for a self-aware and sassy movie with sex and sadistic violence that reflects its titular character.

Right off the bat, the opening credits already give you a sneak peek of what the Deadpool adaption is all about – a cheeky introduction and a mockery of Marvel. The cast includes a moody teen, a hot chick, and a CGI character, while the movie is directed by an overpaid tool, produced by asshats, and written by the real heroes here.

The meta jokes are piled on for the rest of the film – in one scene Wade requests for a suit that isn’t green or animated; in another, he points out the nearly empty Xavier mansion because they can’t afford more extras.

Deadpool is intent on upending stereotypes and poking fun at profit-driven franchises it’s the same thing that it mocks. After an interesting start that expands on the leaked test footage, Deadpool becomes a by-the-numbers origins story with stock characters and an aim to please nostalgic soundtrack. 

There are plenty of jokes to enjoy here, but once the novelty wears off and the hype subsides, Deadpool’s entertainment value rests squarely on Reynolds’ ability to land every joke.

Fortunately for the people who have been waiting for this adaptation, Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool as Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark. 

Fortunately for Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds makes it worthwhile. 

The people who stayed with the project and did what they can to deliver a decent adaptation deserve praise. It’s interesting to see what the sequel can offer because you can’t make the same joke twice. Unless of course, that joke is much better now that we have the introductions out of the way. 



Packed with self-referential jokes, Deadpool is a great antidote from cookie-cutter superhero movies. 

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