Movie Review: Fury

The war-torn world is just as what you would expect – dirty, grimy, and bleak – with an unflinching portrayal of the bloody violence that comes with it.

The cast is mostly inside the tank, but well-composed shots provide tense action scenes. They do their best to elevate paper-thin characters into relatable human beings.

We all know that war is hell, so what else has Fury to offer? nothing much. 

Fury is more preoccupied with showing us the horrors of war rather than fleshing out its stereotypical characters – the naive noob; the bible-thumping soldier; the crass knucklehead; the stolid driver and the stoic commander in chief.

Much like the Sherman tank that the 5 man crew have called home, the story drags on from one battle scene to the next until it stops at a ridiculous gung ho climax. 

In the end, Fury tells us nothing new and provides nothing memorable. The movie tries to make a statement about how war turns men into monsters but doesn’t have an engaging narrative and characters to support it.    

At best, Fury is an old-fashioned war film with loud and monotonous tank battles. 



Fury provides visceral action scenes and good performances but doesn't have the story and characters to compensate for its unoriginality. 

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