Movie Review: Gigantic

Gigantic is a character-driven film with good performances from the whole cast. Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel are charming as characters whose romance is hindered by their own eccentricities. Their awkwardness and insecurities are appealing enough for you to go through this cryptic film with offbeat characters.

But that all there is to it. The entire movie is filled with implausible characters interacting in industrial settings.

Dano is the self-effacing Brian who just wants to adopt a Chinese baby for some reason. He gets randomly attacked by a homeless man that may or may not exist for some reason.

By his side is the naturally quirky Deschanel who’s also fucked up for some reason. Then there are other weird characters that go in and out of the story.

The plot moves at a sluggish pace where the story goes nowhere and the characters don’t develop outside of their quirky templates.

There’s a sweet conclusion to this one-note story, but there’s nothing relatable to make you care.  It’s quirky for quirkiness sake, screaming to be in a Sundance Festival. It’s a twee product made from all things indie – weird characters, weird stuff happens, indie soundtrack – with no substance.



An empty romantic comedy that's wrapped in indie film quirkiness.

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