Movie Review: Gone

Amanda Seyfried does a good job as the wide-eyed, paranoid, and possibly crazy Jill. The plot is very familiar but she’s appealing enough to follow in the movie. However, when she sets out to start her own investigation, the plot fails to deliver anything even remotely engaging.

The trail of clues leads her to predictable setups that fail to elicit any suspense – creepy places with equally creepy dudes that are set up to be possible suspects. A newbie detective is thrown in at the beginning as another creepy dude and therefore possible suspect, but is later on ditched and forgotten. There aren’t any thrills in this movie either as Jill gets away from conveniently slow cops and useless detectives.

When Jill finally finds what she’s searching for and the movie comes to an end, all you get is an uninspired and lame payoff.

Gone never attempts at something more intricate or complex, and squanders off the talents of Amanda Seyfried. It’s a suspense thriller that keeps it too safe and as a result, aside from a decent performance by Seyfried, fails at all levels. It’s neither intense, thrilling, or suspenseful.



Amanda Seyfriend is stuck in a dull and uninspired missing person thriller that makes no effort beyond a cliched B-movie movie.

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