Movie Review: It’s a Disaster

The film starts on a promising note with a quirky set of characters. Similar to This is the End the movie mines comedy from their different breakdowns in the face of impending doom.

Four couples who regularly meet for brunch are stuck with each other as the world comes to an end.

Even though the scope of the movie is small, the characters liven up the setting. David Cross serves as a funny contrast to the group, which is made up of self-absorbed characters. The rest of the cast delivers amusing performances.

However, as the end draws near, there’s nothing to make you care for these people. They’re stereotypical caricatures against the backdrop of a low-stakes apocalypse. The couple on the brink of divorce, the swingers, the dull mismatched pair, and the neutral two have predictable storylines.

These forgettable characters aside, the movie has some good laughs, a surprising movie twist, and a good open-ended ending.

It’s a Disaster doesn’t have rewatch value, but it’s serviceable enough for a light doomsday movie.

It's a Disaster


It's a Disaster is a funny doomsday comedy held down by forgettable characters, low-stakes, and predictable storyline.

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