Movie Review: Life After Beth

Life After Beth is DOA.

Zach (Dane DeHaan) catches a glimpse of his supposedly dead girlfriend through the window of her parents’ house and discovers that Beth (Aubrey Plaza) is undead.

Things go steadily dull as this movie plods along. It fails to come up with anything interesting to liven up its one-joke premise. It’s the crazy ex-girlfriend except she’s a zombie.

There’s a boy obsessed with making things right with his resurrected girlfriend while other people around town are acting strange. His grief is reflected in the mood and music of the film, but the story goes nowhere.

The script does nothing with its suburban backdrop and characters to elevate its derivative zombie narrative. It’s not even clear why you should be invested in Zach and his girlfriend.

Aubrey Plaza carries this movie on her back, but unfortunately, that isn’t enough. The only thing that this movie can come up with is that jazz music calms down the undead.

Life After Beth is a sketch that’s unnecessarily stretched into a film.

Life After Beth


Life After Beth is a listless and unengaging film with a half-baked script and barely developed characters.

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