MIB 3 Review: Amiable Comedy

Josh Brolin provided much of the entertainment.  He delivered a great performance, nailing every mannerism and vocal tic of Agent K which created an amusing dynamic with the time-traveling Agent J.

But there are also other notable newcomers to the franchise. Jemaine Clement proved to be a worthy villain as Boris the Animal. Michael Stulhbarg served as the amusing alien that ironically provided the humanizing element in the film.

But that is all there is to it really. The story is nothing more than you’re run-of-mill Men in Black action – a silly sci-fi premise with alien shootouts, great special effects, a cameo or two, and pop culture references.

Overall it’s unnecessary but fun enough to be a popcorn flick.

Men in Black 3


Men in Black 3  tweaks its formula enough to deliver serviceable albeit disposable entertainment.  

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