Movie Review: Ouija

Just like a mass-marketed toy, Ouija is a cheaply assembled B-movie with low-grade components.

The framework is laid out in the first 5 minutes – nubile teens, paranormal activity, and some creepy stuff that you shouldn’t be messing with.

It’s decorated with horror movie tropes – unintentionally unleashing some evil entity, the house with a dark past, a creepy family and their evil worshipping shenanigans, and one lone survivor.

It’s embedded with an operating core that’s a rip off of other successful franchises – Final Destination and Insidious.

The end product is a film with generic features – by the numbers plot, low impact scares, and a lame plot twist. Ouija’s characters are all disposable.

There’s not much to expect from a PG 13 rated horror movie, but Ouija barely makes an effort with formulaic redundancy. The only good thing that ever came out of it is a funny marketing campaign.

This film was made by Hasbro in partnership with Universal as a marketing campaign for its board game. Apparently, if you buy their Ouija, you and your friends will die one by one, haunted by a low budget ghost.



Ouija is a trope-filled horror and a cheap advertising ploy from Hasbro (in partnership with Universal).

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