Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect borrows ideas from Bring it On, Mean Girls, and Glee (the first season before it went downhill) but it’s a smartly written film.

The characters aren’t your typical fresh-faced barbie dolls, but a mix of amusing personalities.

As the plot propels the all too familiar story, the movie throws in one-liners and catchy pop mash-ups to keep everything lively. The romance didn’t enlist the standard hunk and opts for the amiable ordinary college guy to get the alt girl out of her shell.

The whole cast is great, with Rebel Wilson and Hana Mae Lee stealing the spotlight from lead Anna Kendrick. The commentators add wry humor to the mix.

In detail, the movie suffers from stereotypes (alt-girl wears a lot of eye make-up, black lesbian looks like a dude) and a forgettable romance (Jesse’s amusing, but there’s no chemistry here).

But thanks to its characters, ear worming A Capella, and well-executed story, Pitch Perfect succeeds despite its formulaic shortcomings.

Pitch Perfect


Pitch Perfect tweaks the feel-good movie recipe to create an enjoyable and spirited comedy about A Capella music. 

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