Movie Review: Priest

A diet of action movies will easily tell you that the Priest is one big cliche.

The cast does their best, but they have nothing worthwhile to work with. The post-apocalyptic world lacked the detail to make it stand out from being a poor man’s Blade Runner. The Orwellian Religious autocracy had something to say but was reduced to a one-dimensional circle of hypocritical evil.

Everything in this movie is derivative and gets increasingly boring despite the breathless pace. The plot is contrived. The dialogue is just awful. The action scenes were mediocre. The effects were corny.

The Priest comic book adaptation is lazy writing at its best. The movie aims to refresh the vampire genre by mixing it with post-apocalyptic science fiction but comes out as a total rip off of each.

If you dial down your expectations to very low, the action scenes are distracting enough. The good performances are a bonus.



Priest is a horror sci-fi mash-up in an Orwellian post-apocalytpic world that's too riddled with genre cliches to care about nor remember.

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