This movie isn’t really about Christmas, miracles nor little baby Jesus.

It’s confusing plot revolves around two families who are connected through stereotypical soap opera shenanigans – secret meetings with an old flame and a possible kid out of wedlock.

Apart from an invisible entity that leaves footprints in the snow, there’s no Christmas miracle that changes the lives of the characters. There is a statue of little baby Jesus tied to the narrative, but it’s just an excuse to send them back to Prague where family schemes ensue.

The characters are all made to be likable to distract you from what’s really going on. Two stand out – Dolores and Kveta want to do the right thing, but end up with unintended results that has amusing moments.

In this movie, emotional and physical cheating is normal and treated as lighthearted entertainment. This is a European movie after all.

What would have happened if that gate wasn’t locked just like in the old days between José and Kveta? Penelopé is far luckier this time of the season though, as her botched plan to take her friend to Franz Spa didn’t matter in the end.

The premise resolves with a happy ending for the characters but it hides a reality that the movie tries to mask with tradition.

Prijde letos Jezísek? is supposed to be a family movie for the holidays, but has questionable lessons.

Prijde letos Jezísek? (Little Baby Jesus)


Prijde letos Jezísek? is a family Christmas movie with a generic soap-opera plot, questionable lessons, and likable characters. 

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