Run Review: Familiar Yet Fun Domestic Thriller

You’ll know exactly where Run is headed but this doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. 

The script doesn’t waste any time and gives you the first clue in the first five minutes of the film. While in a PTA meeting, every parent is sad that their kids are all grown-up and going to College. Diane (Sarah Paulson) is completely unperturbed and says she’s happy for her daughter, yet the words sound scripted.  

But she is a doting mother. As the movie goes through their daily routine it’s clear that Dianne has everything that Chloe (Kiera Allen) needs. She grows their own vegetables, homeschools her daughter, and maintains a regular schedule of medications. 

Despite being in a wheelchair, Chloe isn’t helpless and has a mind for engineering.  The only thing left is to be on her own and meet people her age. She patiently waits for the results of her College application but the mail seems to be taking too long. 

The suspense starts with a bigger mystery and the movie keeps you engaged. The brilliance lies in a well-written tight script that doesn’t resort to lazy writing. It lays the right groundwork as it shifts from mystery to suspense that you’ll totally root for Chloe as she uses her ingenuity. 

This is supported by great performances. The audiences won’t know much about Dianne’s past but Paulson turns her character into a terrifying yet tragic figure. Allen – the second wheelchair using female actress cast in a film since 1948 – is equally amazing that you’ll find joy in her character’s deliverance.  

In the end, you’ll find yourself on a familiar yet fun thrill ride. Run is not breaking any new ground but makes the best of what it has. If you’re wondering if this can actually happen in real life, yes it does



Run is a conventional yet enjoyable thriller thanks to fine acting and suspenseful plot.

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