Movie Review: Seventh Son

The Seventh Son is somehow both boring and ridiculous.

It has all the elements of a fantasy B-movie that should’ve gone straight to video but has the confidence of a popcorn flick worth paying for.

The Seventh Son is about an unlikely candidate who gets chosen for a mission where the fate of the world is at stake. He becomes an apprentice to a grumpy old man who turns out to be a great fighter. Together they must defeat the evil Queen and her henchmen before she gains full power.

This tired plot is accompanied by character tropes, vapid dialogue, bad special effects, generic fantasy action, and no chemistry. The cast does their best, but everything just falls flat.

The Seventh Son doesn’t make any attempt to put a different spin on its standard script, which includes useless exotic villains. One of them is Virahadra Master of Blades, guess where he’s from?

The Seventh Son has no redeeming qualities and isn’t worth anyone’s time.

The Seventh Son


The Seventh Son is a medieval fantasy B-movie that has no redeeming qualities and should've gone straight to VOD. 

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