With bright and detailed animation, genuine characters, and a simple yet touching story, the secret world of Arrietty is perfect for children.

Sights and sounds are made to pull the audience into the world of the little people – tea pours in drops, nails are used as ladders, the kitchen is a spacious world of countertop towers, and the sound of footsteps fill the air. Studio Ghibli was able to create depth and scale without using 3d animation which is a feat. There is a scene where you will actually feel scared of the sickly Sho as his eyes cast over the unsuspecting Arrietty.

The story isn’t as grand as Spirited Away or Ponyo by the Cliff but it has a simple narrative that young children can easily identify with. The movie tends to get sappy but it’s very brief.

In the end, even as an adult, you develop a certain respect for the little people who thrive in the big world in their own resourceful way.

The Secret World of Arrietty


The Secret World of Arrietty offers a simple story with immersive worldbuilding pulsing with a feeling for childhood and nature.

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