The Suicide Squad Review: A Satisfying Do-Over

The Suicide Squad (or Suicide Squad 2) is a satisfying do-over to the bafflingly disastrous Suicide Squad. The movie benefits from a consistent vision, cohesive script, and a solid cast.

James Gunn takes full advantage of the R-rating that Marvel would never let him play with, balancing action-comedy with gory violence. If you thought Deadpool was violent, then prepare for a sensory assault. The movie knows what it’s selling and embraces its nonsense, combining on-set special effects, prosthetics, and practical effects in massive set pieces.

In one sequence, Peacemaker and BloodSport turn a supposed rescue into a competition, showing off their skills as they kill rebels in creative ways. In another, flowers burst from soldiers as Harley Quinn kills every soldier on her way to escape.

But Gunn doesn’t dwell far too long on one character that it pulls away from the main narrative. There’s no over-reliance on horribly edited flashbacks and montages and jukebox soundtrack, which are some of the many things that this movie has learned from its predecessor.

This includes Harley Quinn in her element, treated more than Hot Topic-inspired eye candy. Idris Elba replaces Will Smith and finally gets an action role that works. These two are the main draws in the ensemble cast, but the rest pull their weight. John Cena stands out as “Peacemaker” and it’s no surprise there have been talks for his own TV spin-off.

Numerous videos and articles have been made about who will survive and who won’t. It’s no surprise who manages to make it in the end, though some may lose a bet or two. I didn’t get attached to any of the characters but I am curious about sequels.

When the movie slides into the usual superhero routine of crumbling buildings, wide-scale city destruction, and the underdogs saving the day, Gunn keeps it focused on the characters and inserts a predictable but fitting message about what this movie ought to be in the first place.

There is also clever writing here about imperialistic forces disguising their war-mongering with nationalism, making “Starro The Conqueror” more of a victim rather than a villain. Amanda Waller reminds you of the cold chilling logic behind this mindset and Viola Davis finally gets to do what she does best rather than bark orders.

The Suicide Squad (Suicide Squad 2) accomplishes what it set out to do – deliver an enjoyable half-reboot/half-remake that gives you enough reason to skip Suicide Squad and Gangster Joker Leto.

The Suicide Squad


The Suicide Squad is an enjoyable superhero romp with an irreverent B-movie sense of humor, amusing cartoon violence, and no Gangster Leto Joker.

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