Movie Review: This is the End

This is the End is a typical bromance flick, but it’s buoyed by meta and self-deprecating humor. The dynamic of the cast, combined with situational comedy, make for an entertaining film. Danny McBride turns up the hilarity and prevents it from turning into a sappy bromance (well for the most part) and Rogen’s usual stoner comedy.

Six friends get trapped inside a house after a series of events devastate Los Angeles.

It has a predictable and flimsy plot that’s put in as an excuse to get these guys together, poke fun at their real-world persona, and use every R-rated joke that it can get using the apocalypse, but it all works.

It’s a movie where James Franco puts his buddies together to make a typical bromance flick that just happens to be set in the apocalypse.

This is the End


This is the End is a standard-issue bromance flick, but it's funny and energetic enough to be an entertaining popcorn movie.

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