Total Recall (2012) Review: Another Unnecessary Remake

In this remake, the Mars plotline is removed and concentrates on Douglas Quaid and his missing memory.

Colin Farrell is good enough as the confused lead. The rest of the cast does well with what they’re given but merely serve as one-note caricatures going with the flow. Bill Nighy is left to deliver some mopey lines, and Bryan Cranston walks around as a one-dimensional villain with blonde hair.

Like most blockbuster films, there’s plenty of eye candy.

The action sequences are impressive and the fighting scenes are entertaining.

Overall, this remake doesn’t add anything new to the original except for two badass female tokens. It’s a reductive and less imaginative version that borrows from other better sci-fi movies.

When the movie has finally run its course, the lasting effect is as potent as a tub of popcorn. It’s only good while it lasts.

Total Recall


Total Recall is fast-paced and entertaining but never gets past mediocrity as a derivative and forgettable popcorn flick.

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