Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph is the kind of movie that appeals to every kid, including the inner-child of the adults who’ll pay for their ticket. 

This Disney animated film has plenty of references to popular video games in the ’80s and ’90s that will keep adults amused. Wreck-it Ralph’s colorful adventure and visual gags provide eye-catching entertainment for the kids.

The game designs are fantastic, from the 8-bit Fix-it Felix to the CGI enhanced Hero’s Duty. Sugar Rush is very detailed, with bright colors used everywhere from race tracks to an assortment of all the candies you’ve known.

Wreck-it Ralph provides an amusing view of the self-aware lives of video game characters. The world they live in was created in a clever way, mirroring the existence of human lives but in a video game.

Ralph’s adventure is held together by a well-structured story that’s easy to follow. He hops into different games, but the narrative keeps the plot in Sugar Rush, a candy-themed racing arcade game. 

The voice actors here are a perfect fit. Sarah Silverman is brilliant as Vanellope, giving the potty-mouthed glitch an annoying yet vulnerable quality. John Reilly fits Ralph to a tee, especially with the actor’s experience as an average working-class Joe. Jane Lynch is a no-brainer pick for the sergeant. Jack McBrayer is natural as Felix, who resembles his character in 30 Rock.

Wreck-it Ralph is really just a simple movie that capitalizes on video game cameos but uses them in creative and funny ways that you’ll enjoy the movie anyway. 

Wreck-it Ralph


With a well-executed story and brilliant design, Wreck-it Ralph offers an entertaining colorful adventure for kids and video game nostalgia for adults.

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