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Movie Review: Priest

A cliche ridden movie filled with derivatives. It looks stylish and sleek but proves to be a waste of money especially on 3D.

A lone hero suffering from post traumatic stress breaks his vow and goes back to his good old killing days in a mission, accompanied by a cocky sidekick and a kick ass love interest who decides to help him. Somewhere, his buddy turned arch nemesis put his plot to wipe out mankind in motion, after crossing over to the dark side. And oh, some self-righteous prick from the ruling class thinks our hero is crazy and sends out a team to stop him, which gets easily killed by their former now evil comrade.

A diet of action movies will easily tell you that the Priest is one big cliche.

The cast do their best, but they have nothing worthwhile to work with. Their world – post-apocalyptic mixed with western imagery – had potential but lacked the detail to make it stand out from being a poor man’s Blade Runner. The Big Brother theme laced with Religious autocracy had something to say, but was reduced into a one-dimensional circle of hypocritical evil.

Everything in this movie is a derivative (see: summary above), and gets increasingly boring despite the breathless pace. The plot is contrived. The dialogue is just awful. The action scenes were nothing new, and with the fact that it was plastered thickly with effects made it look corny. The vampires looked like eyeless toothed agile slugs with limbs. They made no impact whatsoever. The happy ending is also cliched and ridiculous, all the more that the movie is set up to be a franchise.

The Priest comic book adaptation is lazy writing at its best. The movie aims to refresh the vampire genre by mixing it with the post apocalyptic science fiction sub-genre, but comes out as a total rip off of each. If you dial down your expectations low, the action scenes are distracting enough. The good performances are a bonus.

My Take: 3/10

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