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Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

You’ll find a gorgeous Amanda Seyfried in the haunting woods, but also end up in a boring adaptation with dull leading men and a poorly executed fantasy-horror-thriller.

In this movie adaptation of the classic Red Riding Hood, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is in love with a poor wood cutter named Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) but is betrothed to Henry (Max Irons), a rich blacksmith (yes, apparently being an iron worker makes you rich in this village) . Valerie, not wanting to marry the village’s most eligible bachelor, plans to run away with Peter. But their plans are put on hold when Valerie’s sister gets killed by a werewolf. The beast has been a constant threat but fend off by animal sacrifices every full moon, until now. In comes the famous werewolf hunter Father Solomon, who ends up making matters worse.  Valerie then discovers that she has a connection with the werewolf, and suspects that one of her loved ones is the beast.

Amanda Seyfried looks great and Gary Oldman delivers in every frame he’s in, but that’s the only thing good in the movie. It hovers between romance and horror without really giving anything for you to be interested in.

The two leading men competing for her affections uninterestedly brood their way throughout the movie, with Max Irons completely bland and wooden.

The supposed whodunit mystery that’s set up in the film is trampled on by the paranoid Father Solomon who’s more concerned in terrorizing the people with a metal elephant rather than getting rid of the problem of the village.

The set is striking but with perfectly coiffed people wearing summer clothes, it looked more like a place taken out of Disneyland.

Suspense is built through eye close ups, then horror comes with a wolf who’s nothing more than a big mutt in glorious CGI.

The grandmother (Julie Christie) is an interesting red herring, but the movie is more concerned with Valerie’s troubled love life more than anything else, showcasing woes and erotic undertones. But its neither a convincing angst filled romance or a fantasy-horror-thriller, so its turns into a mediocre twist to a classic tale.

Its Twilight with the same elements (forbidden love, teenage girl caught between two brooding guys, some supernatural element, same actor portraying the Dad) except in a different setting. Other people may have been entertained by the movie, but if Twilight does nothing for you, this won’t either.

My Rating: 4/10

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