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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Over the top and overblown, a Game of Shadows is not much of a sequel but more of a bromance adventure story of its leading men.

A series of bombings are creating tensions between France and Germany, but Sherlock Holmes believes that there is something else going on behind the scenes. Along with his bff Watson, Holmes steps in and plays the game of shadows against James Moriarty, a man whose intelligence is equal to the detective but with no conscience whatsoever, very dangerous.

With the funny wisecracking interpretation of Robert Downey Jr. of the renowned Sherlock Holmes and plenty of explosive action, there’s a lot of entertainment to be had from the film. The chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law are played  out throughout with innuendos, complete with a dance at a black tie event.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much what the movie has. The slow mo Matrix shtick gets tiring after getting constantly used in a barrage of action scenes that leaves little for actual detective work. Holmes goes through the case with the power of foresight instead.

The female characters are shuffled out of the way to accommodate their bromance. Newcomer Noomi Rapace plays a gypsy who turns into a chaperon as the two men squabble along the way, which make up most of the dialogue in the film. Stephen Fry makes an appearance but only to help establish the “relationship” between the two leading men, calling Holmes “Shirley”. Ultimately what makes the plot move along is the archenemy Moriarty who  is always one step ahead of Holmes.

The sequel is a fun distraction for two hours but don’t expect it to be anything more.

My Rating: 6/10

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