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Movie Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

It stands as a captivating thriller on its own. But when compared to the original, its a slightly edited carbon copy which make it seem like another one of those unnecessary remakes for people who don’t want to read subtitles.

A wealthy industrialist (Henrik Vanger played by Christopher Plummer) hires a disgraced journalist (Mikael Blomkvist played by Daniel Craig) to find the killer of his niece. Together with a pierced and tattooed hacker (Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara) Mikael discovers more than just a 40 year old murder.

For those who haven’t watched the original (or are too lazy to read subtitles) will enjoy a captivating crime thriller and murder mystery in David Fincher’s remake. The cinematography and direction gave it a dazzling Hollywood treatment, making it entertaining in every frame.

The remake cracks with excitement all throughout even when the movie shows the tedious work of research.The actors did well on what they were given. Rooney Mara’s version looked fragile and vulnerable but her commitment to the role is very commendable.

Unfortunately for those who have seen the original, the remake is a carbon copy with an edited ending. It isn’t as mentally engaging as Lisbeth sets out on her motorcycle and pretty much solves a big chunk of the mystery with ease while Mikael discovers some overlooked detail in his files. In the original, the sense of discovery is more apparent as the two leads work with what they have and unravel some facts together.

The original focused on the opposing personalities of the lead characters while the remake created a more romantic and sexual relationship. This may not appeal to the people who prefer the gritty and emotionally detached Lisbeth Salander of Noomi Rapace.

The wall that shows the connections in the case accurately represents the difference of the two movies as a whole. In the remake, the wall looks very organized and pleasing with its labeled post-its but seems prefabricated. The original looks tedious but expands as the investigation goes further and shows the depth of the case and the work involved in it.

However if you judge the remake on its own, it’s still an entertaining and engrossing film. Good acting and superb direction makes this remake worthwhile to watch for those who missed the original¬† or can’t be bothered with the subtitles. It does improve upon the flaws of its source material, but with a slightly edited version, why not just watch the original in the first place?

My Rating: 7.5/10

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