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Movie Review: Thor (2011)

Thor is a fun movie with humor, drama and intrigue. It had its flaws, but it does its job. The effects were magnificent and the cast was a perfect fit.

Thor re-ignites an ancient war and gets banished to Earth, forced to live among humans. He must learn the error of his reckless ways to regain back his right as the wielder of the hammer, and fend off a dark force that threatens to invade and wipe out mankind.

The movie started off well with the Asgard storyline. I’m guessing that Branagh’s experience in directing Shakespeare helped the father and son drama play out nicely. Although you pretty much know that Loki is behind all of it, there was enough intrigue for you to follow through.

The movie loses its momentum when Thor get’s banished. His period on earth was quite boring, and Natalie Portman didn’t do anything much except fluster at his abs and blue eyes. But then she wasn’t given much to do and pulls off the girl next door as best as she can. Fortunately Kat Dennings kept things amusing in the mean time and S.H.E.I.L.D provided some much needed action.

As superhero movies go, it’s predictable. He gets his power back, saves the day, gets the girl, and deal with some family issues. Sacrifices need to be made for the good of mankind.

Overall Thor is still an enjoyable superhero blockbuster film with emotional weight and an engaging villain.

My Rating: 7/10

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