Wolf of Snow Hollow Review: Serviceable Werewolf Story

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is what happens if the town of Fargo was infested by a werewolf, well sort of.

The movie uses a werewolf story to set-up a sitcom of sorts, revolving around the downward spiral of an alcoholic with anger management issues.

Officer John Marshall has a lot on his plate – his ailing father, divorce, a rebellious teenage daughter, and a lackluster police department. To make matters worse, a serial murderer is on the loose. And it may not be human.

Thanks to the natural small-town setting and cinematography, there are eerie scenes in a quaint ski community. The supporting cast and background characters further help in establishing the setting.

Jim Cummings shows the dead body before the murder, which gives the movie its own off-beat take on a werewolf attack. The limited visual effects work in its favor, and there’s even a majestic shot here of the creature.

But that’s not really what matters here, even if the movie constantly throws misdirections at the audience on who the werewolf could be. This is a story about a man trying to keep himself together.

Marshall is an unlikable asshat who lashes and/or threatens everyone with violence. It doesn’t help that Jim Cummings overplays his part and sucks up most of the screentime. Riki Lindhome, at least, is there to offset his hysterics.

Tonally this movie is all over the place, but its biggest problem is its metaphor for the beast within fall flat. There’s also nothing in Marshall’s narrative to make it worth investing in his self-discovery.

Nonetheless, there is something to enjoy in this quirky werewolf story that has the vibe of the Fargo movie, even if it doesn’t successfully manage to provide the same lasting impression.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow


The Wolf of Snow Hollow offers an amusing riff on the werewolf story with eerie small-town scenes as long as you ignore the offputting lead. 

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