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Movie Review: X-Men First Class

An entertaining movie with a good script, X-Men First Class revives a franchise with great performances from its leading actors.

The movie revolves around the beginning of X-men, particularly the history of Charles and Erik. We get an insight into what formed their ideologies and how it resulted into two factions with opposing beliefs.

Rather than the coming out stories that the previous films relied on, this prequel focuses on the characters’ relationships. Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are exceptional in this movie, and their dynamic creates a good character driven story (and inspired bromance fanfics across the internet). McAvoy’s Charles is more relatable than Stewart’s. Fassbender turns Erik into an empathic character that in the end, you feel that you would have made the same decision if you were him.

The rewritten Cuban Missile Crisis gave the ending more weight, and the performances from the lead actors turn it into a interesting play of two different opinions shaped by their owner’s experiences. Charles had it easy with a comfortable life, and the privilege of being able to use his powers undetected. Erick on the other hand, suffered from the hands of Bernard Shaw and the Nazis. His power was born out of anger and fueled by revenge.

The problem is unless Fassbender and McAvoy are in a scene playing out their chemistry, or arguing about what to do with their less evolved counterparts, everything turns into a typical blockbuster movie. The dialogue was also cheesy at times. The young mutants don’t really resonate and January Jones was rather wooden (or maybe that was her version of being the cold Emma Frost?). But for me these flaws can be overlooked. I didn’t really noticed them while watching the film (or maybe I’m just too distracted by Fassbender by being a badass turtleneck wearing GQMF out for revenge).

Overall its an engaging film that’s a huge improvement from The Last Stand and Wolverine.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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